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Wednesday, November 16

10:35am EET

[SLIDES]Zachary Schneider @sigil66 - Modern Software Delivery: Triumphs and Failures
A presentation analyzing modern patterns and antipatterns of software delivery as well the experience gained by utilizing them at scale in production.

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Zachary Schneider

Zachary Schneider is a systems engineer, currently fascinated by large scale ingress systems. He is an OpenSolaris refugee, as well as a Boundary and Rackspace Cloud alumnus. He has over 18 years in the field specializing in development and operations at scale, SaaS, PaaS, and platform... Read More →

Wednesday November 16, 2016 10:35am - 11:30am EET
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11:50am EET

[SLIDES]Paul Stack @stack72 - Centralised Logging without the blood, sweat and tears
Traditionally logging has fallen into one of three camps: don't do it, use an SaaS provider such as Splunk, or expend large amounts of time and energy configuring on-premise logging stacks. The maturity of cloud platform service offerings now means that you can have the flexibility of running your own logging stack without the headache and costs of managing individual components.
In this talk, Paul will demonstrate how the use of managed services like ElasticSearch, AWS Kinesis, and various log-shipping agents can build a scalable, easy-to-manage and cheap-to-run logging infrastructure that will ultimately save your company $$$.

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Paul Stack is a product / infrastructure coder and has spoken at various events throughout the world about his passion for continuous integration, continuous delivery and good operational procedures and why they should be part of what developers and system administrators do on a day... Read More →

Wednesday November 16, 2016 11:50am - 12:45pm EET
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1:45pm EET

[SLIDES]Sam Elamin @Samelamin - Metrics driven development
Moving to a distributed system will solve all your problems and you will be in developer heaven. Right? Not exactly, having hundreds of services doing different things means it's increasingly difficult knowing where exactly production issues are hiding. In this talk Sam Elamin will relate his real life experience working on a distributed system dealing with £100,000 worth of transactions every hour. Sam will cover monitoring and how to develop your features based on how your customers use your platform and, most importantly, business metrics. Sam will cover how to implement metrics in your application and setting up dashboards to gaining visibility into what is happening in your production system right now. We'll also go through some helpful techniques to help you convince your domain experts that gaining this insight is invaluable to keeping your competitive advantage. As an extra treat come and see how JUSTEAT time travels in production, using open source software that can be set up in a matter of days!

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Sam Elamin

Data Engineer, Elamin LTD
My name is Sam and I am a Big Data Engineer as well as a Software Craftsman and Apache Spark evangelist. I am interested in Big Data, Metrics Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and is currently exploring Real Time Analytics, as as well as streaming tools and frameworks like Apache... Read More →

Wednesday November 16, 2016 1:45pm - 2:40pm EET
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3:00pm EET

[SLIDES]Peter Mounce @petemounce - Windows at Scale
Windows has a reputation for being harder than it needs to be to run at scale.
This isn't as true as it once was.
This talk is about how one Windows platform went from being deployed a few times a year, to hundreds a year. Falling over at 2 orders a minute, to laughing at 2k/min. Monitoring by remoting onto machines into perfmon, to automated alerts from a central authority. Chewing days of engineering time on debugging machines to keep them limping onward, to gleefully shooting machines in the head on stage knowing the fresh ones would come back inside 20 minutes.
The talk will describe what worked and what didn't, from a high level. Questions are welcome throughout for more detail!

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Peter Mounce

I enjoy spending time making teams ship faster, better, more productively. Whether that's automating build, deployment, infrastructure or data, I like the engines to hum. Software plumbing - removing the gunk from the pipelines in a multitude of ways. Caring for and feeding the developer... Read More →

Wednesday November 16, 2016 3:00pm - 3:55pm EET
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Thursday, November 17

10:30am EET

Quentin Adam @waxzce - Containers, VMs, Processes… Isolation, performances, I/O… How all of these technologies work and compare to each other? Deep dive and learn about your Operating System.
Everybody is now using virtualization, containers are all the rage today, and microkernels start to gain traction… But how is all this working? How did these solutions come to be? What are the differences between containers and virtual machines? Where and why should you use docker, runc, rocket, kvm, xen, virtualbox, includeOS, rancherOS? This talk is a full session providing understanding on how these technologies work, how they compare to each other, and lot’s of demo to understand differences and fundamental concept on isolation. So, let’s look under the hood, and understand how your system works (hint: it’s not magic). And yes, it will be understandable even if you are not an OPS or an expert. That’s precisely the point.


Thursday November 17, 2016 10:30am - 11:25am EET
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11:45am EET

Adam Dymitruk @adymitruk - Build your own tools
We look for the easy answers, rarely paying attention to the hidden costs of our decisions like total cost of ownership. Our operating systems, scripting languages, shells, JavaScript and network utilities give yes al that we need. We'll look at how to bootstrap without using issue trackers, continuous integration tools and specification libraries. This is a peek into an upcoming book on the subject that I'm writing.

avatar for Adam Dymitruk

Adam Dymitruk

CTO & FOUNDER http://AdapTechSolutions.net, AdapTech Solutions Ltd.
As a passionate technologist, Adam has worked in the field for a few decades in numerous roles. He has inspired organisations to excel in approaches to software in modern workflows, inspired a culture of learning and instilled a modern approach to software architecture.

Thursday November 17, 2016 11:45am - 12:40pm EET
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1:40pm EET

[SLIDES]Kris Buytaert @KrisBuytaert - Deploy Stuff, Run Stuff
It's not just about building stuf, over the better part of the last decade a global movement kicked in that realized this change in building and delivering software. Software has only value when it is running in production. Yet people seem to forget about that .. so this talk will teach you about a number of real life situations preventing deplooyment and running software and how to fix them

avatar for Kris Buytaert

Kris Buytaert

Chief Yak Shaver, Inuits.eu
Kris Buytaert is a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant. He's one of instigators of the devops movement, currently working for Inuits He is frequently speaking at, or organizing different international conferences He spends most of his time working on bridging the gap between... Read More →

Thursday November 17, 2016 1:40pm - 2:35pm EET
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2:55pm EET

[SLIDES]Jon Topper @jtopper - Identity on AWS
A solid understanding of Identity is crucial to the secure operation of systems. We'll take a look at the AWS Identity and Access Management service, and explore some use cases.

avatar for Jon Topper

Jon Topper

DEVOPS SPECIALIST, The Scale Factory Limited
Jon Topper has been building Linux infrastructure for fifteen years. His UK-based consultancy, The Scale Factory, are a team of DevOps specialists, helping organizations of various sizes design, build, operate and scale their platforms.

Thursday November 17, 2016 2:55pm - 3:50pm EET
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4:10pm EET

James Nugent @jen20 - Building self-assembling, self-healing, systems in the AWS cloud

No-one likes being woken up with a PagerDuty alert at 4am for a problem which could resolve itself with no human intervention, but for looking at it a bit differently. When moving existing applications into the cloud, or designing new ones targeting the cloud, it's important to consider and take advantage of the capabilities of the target platform, while not locking yourself in to a particular vendor.

In this talk we'll look at a variety of different types of software and look at real world deployment patterns for running them in a self-assembling, self-healing manner in the Amazon cloud, and about how we might be able to replicate some of these capabilities on other cloud platforms.


Thursday November 17, 2016 4:10pm - 5:05pm EET
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Friday, November 18

10:05am EET

[SLIDES]Sean Chittenden @SeanChittenden - Production Readiness Strategies for an Automated World
Production Ready.  What does it mean?  And to whom?  Does that term factor in post-launch concerns such as debugability and ownership?  What are the lifecycle phases for moving an idea into a hardened production system?

As the world continues its furious adoption of automation, Foo-as-a-Service, and ever changing tools, what are the baseline assumptions, risks, checklists, and processes required to support the evolving landscape of "production ready."  In this talk we will deploy a sample application and build both a checklist and scorecard to evaluate the readiness of a system and an organization's practices.

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Sean Chittenden

Sean Chittenden hails from HashiCorp where he is focused on security, high-availability, and the advancement of operational best practices for companies using open source tools.  Sean is a long-time participant of the PostgreSQL and FreeBSD communities and a 15+ year veteran... Read More →

Friday November 18, 2016 10:05am - 11:00am EET
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11:20am EET

[SLIDES]Motiejus Jakštys @mo_kelione - Understanding and building your own Docker
Docker started small and got big in really short time. Believe it or not, you can learn to build your version of it too, within the duration of a conference talk! In the talk, we will assemble and run a Docker-like container with only standard command-line tools found in modern Linux distributions. First half of the presentation will cover the facilities Linux provides for Docker to build upon: cgroups, pid and network namespaces, overlay file systems. During the second half we will put theory to practice in a terminal session. At the end of the talk we will not only be armed with knowledge how to build an isolated container, but also have an actual container running. After the talk, you will have a good insight how Docker works, and understand how you could use its building blocks to build something that perfectly matches your environment. You’ll get most out of this session if you are comfortable in Linux terminal, for instance, configuring networking from command-line. Knowledge about Pid namespaces, cgroups or overlay filesystems is not required. You will learn it all that during the talk.

avatar for Motiejus Jakštys

Motiejus Jakštys

Motiejus is working hard at Uber making transportation as reliable as running water.

Friday November 18, 2016 11:20am - 12:15pm EET
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1:15pm EET

[SLIDES]Titas Norkūnas @varsketiz - Your manager’s greatest fear
Lessons learned from managing a 17 year old intern, which help to prepare to take over the SRE Lead position while Vinted undergoes pathetic uptime times, layoffs, cash-saving decisions and a business pivot.

This might or might not be a story with a happy ending.

avatar for Titas Norkunas

Titas Norkunas

Titas leads the SRE team at Vinted - a secondhand fashion marketplace. Before joining Vinted less than one year ago, he used to work remotely from various parts of the world for more than 6 years. He watched the TV Series The Office in preparation. Once, Titas had an inte... Read More →

Friday November 18, 2016 1:15pm - 2:10pm EET
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2:30pm EET

[SLIDES]Laurent Doguin @ldoguin - A practical RxJava example with Ratpackt
Every cool kids start using. But when you read about it, half of the time it's hard to makeanything out of it. Sure the isolated examples look nice but it's always hard to put this in perspective with a real app. In this talk I'll go through an application made to store, index and
search files. We'll see the benefit brought by using RxJava and Ratpack. Nothing too complicated or advanced, just something pragmatic.

avatar for Laurent Doguin

Laurent Doguin

Laurent is a Paris based Developer-Consultant where he focuses Java developers and its French community. He writes code inJava and blogs posts in Markdown. Prior to joining Couchbase he wasNuxeo’s community liaison where he devoted his time and expertise tohelping the entire Nuxeo... Read More →

Friday November 18, 2016 2:30pm - 3:25pm EET
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3:45pm EET

[SLIDES]James Geall @jageall - Consul Demystified: Exploring the principles behind better service discovery
Service discovery and configuration has been an operational issue since Service Oriented Architecture became popular. With the advent of Microservices the problem has become even more acute. Previous solutions included technologies such as UDDI and load balancing, but this presented issues with scaling. Consul from HashiCorp claims to make this easy, but what technologies and principals did they use to build Consul that allow them to make that claim? In this session I will examine the 2 of the main pieces of research used to underpin Consul, the SWIM and RAFT protocols, and how they tackle the problems suffered by more traditional solutions, and also discuss how some design decisions in Consul make it far easier to integrate unobtrusively than previous technologies.

avatar for James Geall

James Geall

An independent consultant, Event Store
James Geall is an independent consultant based in Europe and has been developing distributed systems for over 19 years. For the last 12 years, the majority of those systems have been built using eventsourcing or many of the principals that underpin eventsourcing. He has gained a wealth... Read More →

Friday November 18, 2016 3:45pm - 4:40pm EET
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